Welcome to NDSI!


Our Mission Statement

 At Northeast Developmental Services, Inc., our purpose is to provide quality services to individuals with developmental disabilities who are interested in living a life that they choose the direction of. Our role is to provide the supports needed to grow forward on that journey. 


Our Philosophy 

Northeast Developmental Services, Inc. is a service agency that provides homes and services to people who need special assistance, including those affected by developmental disabilities, yet who still wish to live in an independent setting. Our caring and competent staff will work with each individual, dealing with their unique needs and preferences. NDSI will help each individual gain the skills necessary to live in a home environment by teaching and role modeling appropriate behaviors and actions. NDSI also believes that an individual does not only need the skills necessary to care for one’s self but believes that teaching positive social skills and conflict resolution are just as necessary.

Furthermore, our agency believes that learning is an ongoing process that continues throughout life.

We work to provide a smooth transition from the home into a community environment for education and employment.